Home Practice

Practicing at home is when learning really takes place. It is essential to further learning and skill as well as to deepen the bond between parent and child. Home practice is expected 6-7 days a week for at least 15 minutes each day. Students with 45 minute lessons should be practicing at least 25 minutes each day. The notes taken during the lesson will be the outline for home practice. 


Make daily listening as easy as possible. Turn on the Suzuki CD while getting ready for school, driving around town, making dinner, or when going to bed. Students listen to their current working piece and the piece next on the CD at least once per day. Please do not use Youtube to listen to recordings! 

Parent Involvement

Take notes throughout the duration of the lesson and please ask questions if anything is unclear. Your notes will be the outline of your daily practice with your child.

Personal Care

Please make sure fingernails are clipped short for lessons so they do not get in the way of violin playing. Typically, the white edge is what needs to be consistently trimmed off. Also, bring a clip or hair tie for long hair as it can get in the way of the violin. 

Loving Environment

A child's environment shapes who they are and how they grow. In weekly practice, keep in mind to use gentle, quiet hands when making any adjustments to their hands or violin. Praise effort in practice and find specific improvements to point out such as, "I could hear such beautiful tone", or, "Your fingers landed right on the tapes that time!" In place of a general, "good job".