The Suzuki Method

Shinichi Suzuki developed his method of teaching after being inspired by very young Japanese children who had become fluent in Japanese. Of course, every young child learns their native language with ease because they are immersed in it. A language is a very complex and difficult thing to learn, and Dr. Suzuki observed that all children are capable of learning their native tongue with ease! Likewise, we learn violin through daily listening, repetition, and a positive learning environment. 

White Earphones

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished" -Shinichi Suzuki

Parent Involvement

Parents attend each lesson and practice with their child during the week. It is so special for children to have their parents as a teacher in their life

Early Beginning

Suzuki students can start as young as three years old. This sets Suzuki apart from other ways of teaching, and those early years can be crucial for developing the ear and fine motor movements.


Daily listening helps develop the ear and bring ease to learning new repertoire. Perfect pitch can be learned and this is how! Make listening easy by having your Suzuki CD on while getting ready for school, making dinner, running errands, or at bedtime.

Delayed Reading

Suzuki students learn to read music, but not in the beginning. Just as with learning to speak, we gain fluency in our language before we learn to read.